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US Assets Inc. Corporate Evolution

Founded in 2014, U.S. Assets, Inc. is a real estate investment firm specializing in purchasing, managing, and re-selling real estate assets. US Assets operates out of its headquarters located in Dallas, TX.

  • 01
    Feb 2020
    Jeff Love and US Assets Inc. is expanding portfolio with new Urgent Care centers.
    Exceptional Urgent Care is dedicated to reducing patient wait while improving their health.
  • 12
    Oct 2019
    Jeff Love and US Assets Inc. have purchased TexPlex Park and Blaine Stone Lodge anchor, an innovative 1,000-acre development that focuses on enhancing off-road experiences and product engagement.
    A clean, family-friendly environment supported by premium brand sponsors that allow for unmatched riding, racing, and experiential facilities.
  • 20
    Sep 2019

    Jeff Love and US Assets Inc. have now acquired Beefaroo, a Northern Illinois based company founded in 1967.
    Beefaroo have an extensive menu with standout salads, crispy fries and onion rings, very famous cheddar fries and signature freshly cooked and sliced to order hot beef sandwiches.

  • 11
    Feb 2019

    “Your ER Now” Emergency Centers, located on S. Coulter Amarillo Texas are now under the ownership of
    Exceptional Healthcare Inc. and US Assets Inc.
    These new Exceptional ER centers will continue to provide exceptional emergency care to the community.

  • 18
    Nov 2018

    Several Neighbors Emergency Centers, located in many towns in Texas are transitioning to the ownership of
    Exceptional Healthcare Inc. and US Assets Inc. The centers will continue to provide exceptional emergency care to the community.

  • 12
    Nov 2018

    X7FIT is one of the kind fitness gym in the country. Our goal is to revolutionize fitness as we know it.
    X7FIT is latest in fitness industry. We are new revolution in the way we think about fitness.

  • 04
    Nov 2018

    US Assets Inc. entered into a Preliminary Partnership Agreement to acquire Exceptional Health Care, Inc. operating Emergency Care Clinics.

  • 01
    Oct 2018

    USAssets Inc. purchases one of America’s greatest dinners, Denny’s Located in Jacksonville Florida.

  • Indiana Restaurant Equipment
    May 2018

    US Assets acquired Indiana Restaurant Equipment.
    Based in Warsaw, IN, Indiana Restaurant Equipment is one of the largest online/offline restaurant supply store serving food service professionals and individual customers worldwide.

  • Penguin Point
    May 2018

    On May 18th, 2018, US Assets added Penguin Point Franchise Systems, Inc. to ever growing portfolio of assets.
    The Penguin Point drive-in chain was founded in 1950 and has been serving unique and delicious food. Quality, Variety, and Service continue to be their focus for growth.

  • 30
    Sep 2016

    On September 30, 2016, US Assets purchased White Oak Station, LLC.
    White Oak Station convenience stores have proudly served small towns and residential areas of cities in the Ozark Mountain region, Florida and Texas for nearly 30 years.

  • 28
    Jul 2014

    U.S. Assets, Inc. was founded in July 28, 2014 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
    With Jeff Love as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer and J. Dave Aarant – Chief Financial Officer.