About US Assets Inc.

US Assets has a strong history of transactional performance, which has resulted in a wide network of relationships throughout the industry. Combined with our unique knowledge of each investing sector it has produced beneficial outcomes for our co-investors.U.S. Assets Inc was formed in 2014 to invest in and assist existing and new companies grow. Whether through fresh capital, increased liquidity or monetization of existing assets, U.S. Assets seeks investments with owners and management of value-added companies. The company typically invests in the lower and middle markets with companies generating between $5M and $50M EBITDA.


The company considers a wide range of businesses for investment with a preference for “old world” industries with reliable cash flows. This includes retail, light manufacturing, health care services and restaurants. Other industries being sought include commercial insurance, wholesale food production and logistics.


1601 Elm st. Suite 4210 Dallas, Texas 75201 Dallas, Texas 75201
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