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Jeff Love, Chief Executive Officer – US Assets, Inc.

Jeff Love is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of US Assets, Inc., located in Dallas, Texas. US Assets is a private equity firm started in 2014 with the purpose of purchasing existing companies by providing fresh capital, increased liquidity and monetization of existing assets.

As founder and CEO of US Assets, Jeff oversees the strategic development of the firm and deployment of the firm’s capital. In addition, he directs the investment and growth strategy of the company while managing all acquisition transactions. US Assets currently has a diversified portfolio of investment assets across the country that include retail, healthcare, food services, fitness, convenience stores, and pet care service. Within the various industries, he has several subsidiaries in which he developed growth by creating over two thousand jobs and producing revenue well over $200 million. A few examples of the subsidiaries that Jeff manages are White Oak Station (convenience stores), Exceptional Health Care (free-standing emergency room clinics), Inc., Penguin Point Restaurant Group LLC (casual food chain), US Pets, Inc. (retail, boarding, grooming and ER stores), US Realty (commercial real estate brokerage),T&L Financial LLC (financial consulting), and other companies.

Jeff has over fifteen years of experience investing and developing commercial and residential real estate. Due to Jeff’s extensive real estate experience, he holds a majority interest and is on the board of directors of the various subsidiaries.

Jeff’s investment strategy focuses on commercial real estate opportunities and operating businesses within the United States by creating a nationally recognizable brand. His energetic approach to commercial real estate investments has made him one of the industry leaders and a prominent innovator in the future projects.
Jeff and his wife, Sarah, reside in Midlothian, Tx with their four children, and are active members of various local religious organizations. Jeff actively participates in his community and contributes to charitable and civic organizations. He is an advocate of the Fallen Heroes program and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

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